about us

introduction of a company

Danesh Bonyan Engineering Company Faratjahiz Armanpajooh started its activity with a long history in the production and implementation of various types of industrial refrigerators and freezers and now with a brilliant history in designing and producing its products with new quality and new technology. Faratjehiz Engineering Company has a brilliant history in designing digital electronic systems for industrial applications and precision instruments and conducting research and development in the field of electronics, digital design and reverse engineering, as well as manufacturing and manufacturing special industrial and laboratory heating and refrigeration systems. In this company is the most important future field of the company. Faratjehiz Engineering Company is one of the only specialized manufacturers of temperature test chambers, temperature test, humidity and freezers and 85 ° C in the country.

Company Vision

The vision of Faratjehiz Armanpajooh Engineering Company, to be one of the most reputable companies designing and manufacturing laboratory and research equipment and electronic control and monitoring systems in the country and international markets, as a trustworthy person with professional ethics and safeguarding the interests of stakeholders. Is. Also, Faratjehiz Arman Pajooh Engineering Company, design and production of the most advanced laboratory and research equipment and electronic control and monitoring systems with the latest technologies in the world along with the required knowledge and transfer it to the country to improve the performance of laboratory, research, scientific and academic centers. In order to increase the competitiveness of these centers compared to developed countries, it considers it its mission.